This year the Ailloverunning race is virtual!


It does not mean that you will not be able to run outdoors but that instead, to avoid contact with other competitors, in this period of Covid-19, you will be able to run or walk alone or adequately spaced, with your friends.

This does not mean that the 2020 edition will lose its concreteness and value, on the contrary!

The proceeds from the sixth edition will in fact be used to support, for at least one year, the employment of a psychologist to be allocated to the support of the guests of the Hospitality Home, ie patients with blood disorders, their families and AIL volunteers.

We need your help to support this project!

You will decide where to run, imagining that you ideally travel the traditional AILoveRunning circuit, comparing yourself over time with all the other participants. You will be able to leave within the scheduled 8 days, stop and then resume the ride according to your needs.

The place where you will run does not matter, you can participate from any place on earth as long as it is covered by a telephone connection that includes data transmission. And if your result is disappointing, do not worry, contact asking to reset your performance. This way you can repeat your race trying to improve your performance (only once).

As you will have understood, the only indispensable element will be that you have brought your mobile phone with you, keeping it in such a position that the signal is not covered, for example avoiding putting it in the bottom of the backpack.

The best thing would be to put it in your armband, which you may already own or can easily retrieve on the internet.


Choose whether to participate in the event as an individual, or by creating or joining an existing team.


dove vuoi tu! RM Italy


  • Virtual Edition - 10K: 01/11/2020 06:00
  • Virtual Edition - 5K: 01/11/2020 06:00
  • Virtual Edition - Create your TEAM: 01/11/2020 06:00
dove vuoi tu! RM Italy