Floridia SR Italy


  • Virtual Race: 20/09/2020
Floridia SR Italy


Entries are closed: the event ended on date 20/09/2020

Virtual Race

  • 10K

    The registration will be in individual form, using the username already in possession or, for those without it, by creating a new one on the site tds.sport or enternow.it
    The username used will subsequently be used to access the GPS tracking app

    Services included in the fee:

    • publication of the participants on the tds.sport website and possibility to verify their registration to the event;
    • sending registration confirmation email, communication of timetables and useful info sending the bib number to the athlete in digital format;
    • communication to athletes of useful information for the course of the race, instructions on the use of the tracking app;
    • possibility for home spectators to be able to follow their friends and / or relatives in real time, locating them virtually on the official race course;
    • publication of results in real time (always taking into account the starting range of the athletes), with splits scheduled for each km;
    • sending athletes an email with their result;
    • at the end of the event, publication of the personalized participation certificate


    Bookings closed